We have team of dedicated and perfectly placed executives to accomplish every task to the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Our team is committed to provide timely response and reliable services on one and every task.

To match our work culture it takes a special kind of person to work at UNPL. Our work force is informal but hard-working and flexible team, with a set of habits and attitudes (or you could call them ‘customs’) that we believe mark us out from the rest.
We want to elaborate how we do business with each other and with our clients.

Egos at home. We know we’re good, and we’re proud of what we achieve. But no ego allowed it’s a team work here.

Be positive. It’s all too easy to be negative – to complain back-bite and look for problems. Instead, we focus on the bright side of things, we see the good and we search for solutions. There’s no room for ‘pessimists’ here.

Work hardest to deliver best. When at work we keep our attitudes positive, our energy at peak and our commitment in focus for every project, every customer and every task.

Success – professional and personal. That means we are surrounded by the right people with positive energy nurturing good relationships – at work and in our personal lives. It means keeping our eyes on the ball for all round growth and success. We know it takes time and commitment.

We value others. Our colleagues, customers, friends and associates each and every one is important and has a right to be heard. We look forward to value and help others before expecting others to help and recognize us.

Collaboration is key. We pick the right team; which clearly understand and respect our goals, objectives and timescales. We support, develop and mentor, and expect to be supported, developed and mentored in return. We’re open to joint ventures, partnerships and other mutually rewarding commercial propositions.

Mistakes and failures are lessons. They are not setbacks, nor are they excuses to quit or retreat into our cave. They are opportunities to introspect and come back stronger, wiser and better equipped.

Trader Secrecy is must. To win client’s confidence and life long association we are very cautious to maintain their trade secrecy in every sense. We can underscore that this is our loyalty.

Opportunity is to tap. Whether it’s a business deal to close, a chance to show what we can do, or an occasion to connect, or share something we know. We look for the opportunities, and do you know what? We find them everywhere and we strive to turn them into success story.

Clarity in thought, word and deed. Think and plan; plan and execute. listen well, communicate properly, concentrate and analyze clearly and focus on the task at hand. Be ‘present and prepared’, whatever the situation.

More haste – less speed. There’s no need to panic and throw stuff around. If something needs to be done in a hurry, we act urgently, recruit support. But in any situation we focus and stay calm and professional because nobody gets anywhere by running around like a headless chicken.

Have fun! Yes, we all have to earn a living. But we try to extract joy and fun out of task and there is nothing good like that. We believe in taking a healthy dose of sociability and a sense of humor to boost up morale and sense of well being.